Increasing numbers of those in their thirties from Generation Y, or born in the 70s, are attempting to roll several careers into one. Indeed, increasingly disillusioned by the job market, or feeling that pursuing a single-track career will not fulfil them on a personal level, they are becoming what are referred to as slashers. This name comes from the typographic symbol “/” that they use to introduce themselves: they are decorator/production manager or architect/photographer. These are often creative roles.

Slashers: a choice rather than a necessity

Combining multiple incomes is not the chief goal of a slasher as most of them still encounter financial difficulties. They therefore don’t choose this way of working through necessity but in order to combine multiple interests, passions and skills… Breaking with traditional patterns of working life allows them to flourish on a personal level. In France in 2011, there were 2.2 million slashers, 85% of whom were women. Furthermore, in a world where your future career is not always certain, having more than one string to your bow is both attractive and reassuring.

Choices facilitated by new technologies

Thanks to new information technologies and social networks, it is now much easier to combine several jobs and to promote them. This lifestyle choice is symbolic of our hyper-connected societies where multi-tasking is part of everyday life. Slashers are therefore transforming the way we work and shaping the working world of tomorrow according to their desires.


How about you, are you a slasher at heart?