It’s true that all parents worry that their dear children might start drawing on the walls, but we all appreciate having a blackboard to write shopping lists, important phone numbers etc.

This robot designed by Carlo Ratti is in line with the idea of using walls as a creative surface and the result is quite convincing. Carlo Ratti Associati has created a smart writing robot that can transform every surface in canvas.

It can draw, write and even erase its artwork on dividing white walls, glass or concrete surfaces. It can be installed in less than five minutes on any vertical surface, and users can immediately let it draw anything they want, their own artworks as well as other creations produced thanks to open-source files available on the Internet.

You will be able to reproduce Bansky’s emblematic graffiti in your room or write Rimbaud’s verses in your kitchen. There are simply millions of creative possibilities. Featuring an aluminum round shape, this drawing robot is equipped with four markers of different colors in its center.

It will be on display at a preview showing at Milan Design Week, in ARC’s pavilion “Living Nature”. A crowdfunding campaign will be launched on the 5th of June, 2018.