1/ Your chances of finding a job are multiplied

If you respond to a job offer published by a recruitment agency, your application will not be considered only for this position. Your profile may correspond to several offers and the recruitment agency will register you in its file. The consultants will call you to get to know you better, to find out what you are looking for. They will be able to introduce you, always with your agreement, to different positions to increase your chances. The interest of a recruitment agency is not to refuse you or put you aside but to do everything to place you and help you find the job of your dreams.

2/ You benefit from professional advice

You hesitate to indicate certain experiences in your CV or you wonder about the organization of your portfolio. You don’t know what level of compensation you could ask for. You would like to have advice for your future career. You have questions about how to best succeed in an interview. Recruitment professionals accompany you to optimize your CV and portfolio according to the positions and thus maximize your chances. You will also have access to valuable information on the nature of the positions, the needs of the company and the interlocutors you will meet.

3/ Your application is valued compared to others

By going through a recruitment agency, your application becomes more legitimate than a direct application since it has been validated upstream by a consultant. It is for this reason in particular that companies appreciate using a recruitment agency because they save precious time. They will pay particular attention to your application because they know that the agency has selected you specifically for this position. The recruitment agency knows how to highlight your profile and can convince the company to meet you. Landing an interview is therefore easier and it takes place in better conditions.

4/ You save energy and time

Job hunting is a stressful and sometimes even discouraging time when you receive no answers or negative answers. Searching for ads that match your profile on multiple job boards or company sites quickly becomes tedious. The recruitment agency is there to support you during all stages of your search. She introduces you, always having spoken to you beforehand, to positions that perfectly match your profile. You gain in serenity and this allows you to concentrate better to succeed in job interviews.

5/ Your research remains confidential

If you are on the job, you can seek to evolve, change company or field, type of activity, region or country… Even if you are not in a hurry, you generally do not have the time to go through job offers. But above all, you need absolute confidentiality from your current employer. The recruitment agency brings you its expertise for the implementation of your professional projects and advises you if you are unsure about the directions to take. It will only offer you roles in line with your aspirations with a guarantee of confidentiality.

6/ You have access to exclusive offers

Going through a recruitment agency means benefiting from a vast network of companies and having access to exclusive job offers. Indeed, some companies carry out their recruitments only in partnership with recruitment agencies so that their research remains confidential. You will therefore never find these vacancies on the job boards. You can be sure that job offers are recent and active because recruitment agencies only work with companies that have a real need to hire.

In any case, if you are not selected after an interview, the recruitment agency will present you for other positions. Recruitment consultant’s role is close to the artist’s agent, he believes in your potential and will do everything to find the company that matches your skills and your personality.

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