Born from a well-known family of decorators, this authentic “porteño” left the political turmoil of his homeland after completing his studies in interior architecture.

Just graduated, he embarked on a long trip through Europe, from Spain to Denmark, from Germany to Rome, that shaped his inspirations while showing him the two pillars of architecture: art history and nature’s greatness.

He finally stopped at Lyon, thanks to a fortuitous encounter and a job opportunity! He established his own studio in 1998, aiming at designing intimate, human scale interiors to embody his idea of interior architecture.

He then overcame the challenging acknowledgement process, obtaining his peers’ recognition from CFAI (French Interior Architects Committee) in 1999 and becoming one of Lyon Appeal Court’s legal expert in 2007.

A concept of space on human scale

Being from Latin America, he fills his projects with “human warmth”, always well matched with spatial right proportions and a very special attention to materials and details.

Every layout must look like its owner and reveal a living or working environment coherent with his lifestyle, or, for companies, with their commercial strategy. The aim is creating functional and cozy spaces that are also able to touch their inhabitants’ heart.

Jorge Grasso’s multidisciplinary expertise deals with a wide range of disciplines, without any specialization, questioning itself systematically in a continuous improvement.

To name a few major projects we can list the increased height of a co-ownership building in Val d’Isère, chalets in Courchevel, or, on a smaller scale, private business clubs in Lyon (The Lyinc, Le Prisme) and private homes.