The perfect workplace is where you feel comfortable, relaxed and confident. Only in this way will you get the best working performance possible.

Nowadays, employees are more and more demanding: they want a working space able to combine privacy, originality, flexibility and aesthetic appeal. Some people want standing desks, special chairs or even a quiet place to rest or take a nap.

However, you should keep in mind that a workspace is mainly aimed at…working! You should aim at being more productive and efficient, meeting the expectations of your superiors.

So, let’s find out some ways to optimise your workspace and increase your productivity!

1/ Show me your office, and I’ll tell you who you are

Only you know your favourite working method. Do you usually write a list of the tasks to achieve? Do you have a visual memory? Is your work desk always in a mess? What are the accessories you can’t live without? For example, if you always bring a notebook with you to write down your ideas, or if your desk is covered with fluorescent yellow post-it notes, maybe you just need a whiteboard to write everything you need to remember.

If you know you’re a little bit messy, then set aside some time to do a tidying up; if you spend your days on the phone prospecting for new clients, then just buy a headset.

In brief, a working space must be functional, and this means that it must adapt to your way of being functional.

2/ Rediscover the precious sense of hearing

If you are lucky enough (or unlucky, according to some people) to work in an open office space, then your place is certainly equipped with a pair of ear buds.  It’s a scientifically proven fact that listening to music while working improves your creativity and efficiency. However, different music genres will suit different tasks. Narrative compositions, sonatas and movie soundtracks are all ok if you have to read some long documents or write an important report. On the other hand, if you have to accomplish an easy task, then all kind of music will be fine, as long as it can give you a rhythm.

3/ Create a cosy space

Create a welcoming and comfortable workplace. Avoid the “dentist’s waiting room” style with chairs facing each other along the corridor! Receive your visitors in a special area equipped with armchairs, poufs and big cushions. When your customers, suppliers and collaborators will come to visit you, there will be no office barrier to prevent you from having a relaxed conversation. Make your office look like a lounge even if it is actually not. Can you see the subtle difference?

4/ Don’t let the window distract you

Enjoying a nice view is always great, but sometimes it can turn into a trap: if the windows constantly attract your attention you could end up daydreaming. You can solve these concentration problems simply by installing a curtain. In this way, when you know that you have lots of work to do, you can just close the curtains and avoid any outside temptation.

5/ Dress up your walls 

There’s nothing more depressing than blank walls. Even if they can be considered as an expression of minimalist design, they are nevertheless cold and soulless. Choose pale colours such as green and blue, which are supposed to stimulate creativity. If you don’t want to repaint the walls, why not transform your office or company into an art gallery? For example, choose some paintings that reflect your personal taste, your personality or even your company’s DNA. You can also print your favourite quote and hang it on your office walls.


Feeling at ease in your workspace is essential to heighten the quality of your work and to be proud of it.

And you? What are your best tricks to organise your workspace?