Covering at least 2000 square meters and consisting of seven different rooms, each featuring its own leading color, this colorful industrial space is the result of New York-based artist CJ Hendry’s creativity.

Considered a hyperrealist artist by his peers, once renowned for her black and white pen and ink drawings, she recently opted for a more colorful, amazing style of expression. In fact, she still considers herself as a beginner as regarding the use of colors and her ability to really master it.

“Colors are exciting and sad, frustrating and confusing. Colors are all around us, everywhere. They are not physical, but describe something else. I’ve tried to give a physical shape to colors drawing colored creased papers”.

The installation’s walls are made of blocks carefully piled up in a row, creating living domestic spaces. Electric blue, canary yellow, emerald green, red, orange, mauve are the colors chosen by the artist, who matched them to the hyperrealist drawings decorating the walls, creased samples of Pantone colors.

CJ Hendry started from a simple observation to design this space: people usually buy an artwork to give a final touch to their interiors. On the contrary, drawing inspiration from art collectors around her, she noticed that most of them design and arrange their house according to their collections.