Job description

Archibat HR Asia is looking for a Finance Assistant for a well-known Branding Design Agency.
Location: Shanghai 
Job Objectives 工作目的
  • Best Partnerships: Support to ensure all the expenses are compliant.
  • 最好伙伴:确保所有的费用都合规。
  • Best Profits: Provide financial report for analysis to ensure the profitability.
  • 最大收益:提供财务分析报告,确保盈利利能力力。
  • Best Practice: Ensure accurate and in time delivery of work.
  • 最佳实践:确保准确及时地提交工作。
  • Best People: Share work experience and seek opportunities for on the job training.
  • 最优人才:分享工作经验,寻求在岗培训的机会。

Required profile

Key Performance Indicators 关键绩效指标
  • Collect all the expenses of each department and ensure all Fapiao are valid and all  the expenses are compliant with the company policy and tax rules.
  • 收集各部门的所有费用,确保所有发票有效,所有费用需符合公司政策和税法规定。
  • Support on accounts receivable management and compile accounts receivable  ageing reports.
  • 协助进行行应收账款的管理理,编制应收账款报告。
  • Responsible for month-end closing and reconcile finance statement accounts on a
  • monthly basis and follow up any unreconciled amounts/material differences in
  • accounts.
  • 负责每月的月末结账和核对财务报表账目,对账目及报表中有差异的部分进行行跟踪并解决。
  • Prepare monthly balance sheet and profit and loss statement.  Prepare bank reconciliation sheet monthly.
  • 编制月度资产负债表和损益表。
  • Prepare tax reports and statistic reports for with local authorities.
  • 准备每月的银行行对账单。 准备税务报告和统计报告。
  • Support in all respects the internal and external audit and quarterly/annual tax filing, other  statutory returns and perform statutory joint-annual inspection.
  • 各方面支持内部和外部审计以及季度/年年度税务申报、政府要求的申报,并进行行联合年年检。 准备纳税申报单,办理理增值税事宜。
  • Handle Kingdee software data maintenance.
  • 负责金金蝶软件数据维护。
  • Prepare and post all accounting entries.
  • 准备并录入所有会计凭证。
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