For the 2019 edition of Clerkenwell Design Week, British brand Establish & Sons explores the trend of living spaces mixed with workspaces by creating a new collection of multi-segment products. The GRID concept seeks here to highlight new working environments without aesthetics.

The work environment is changing rapidly. It is different from the one that previous generations have known. He is no longer frozen. The advent of the internet and new technologies has given rise to new jobs that only need to be equipped with a computer. This is why many co-working spaces have emerged, resulting from this transformation of the world of work.

GRID, made by the Bouroullec brothers for Established & Sons, provides privacy in an open interior space. It is conceived as a transformable and evolving object according to the use. Its raw hull is a base for modular seating, shelves, tables and screens. Its flexible central design allows GRID to be integrated in different ways depending on the use, creating a fun and multifunctional environment for personal work, informal meetings or moments of relaxation.

The basic module is L-shaped with two sides 2.5 meters long, all surrounded by high panels. On the sofa for relaxation, on side tables for work, the structure can be used in many different ways. Sometimes a standing desk, sometimes a sitting desk, a modular shelf can complete the structure. The side panels are wire mesh or larch incorporating cushions for more intimate interactions or to sleep comfortably.

GRID is so flexible that it can be assembled in many ways: U-shaped for a more enveloping effect, in a straight module without a seat that functions as a partition, or in a straight module with a bench seat. Modules can be joined to create different spaces as needed.