The South Korean brand Gentle Monster has developed a very particular concept in one of its flagship stores in Shanghai. Both conceptual and non-conformist, the brand offers eyewear with astonishing design, all in a completely unique setting.

The brand always strives to offer experiences that are out of the ordinary, both ingenious and multi-sensory, to surprise customers and offer an experience not found anywhere else. A quantum installation was set up in one of their stores in Korea, which changed every 25 days, offering different immersion experiences to their customers.

For this flagship store, which aims to lead the brand, founder Hankook Kim and his team had the idea of creating several rooms, each of which with unique spatial elements, like sculptural woven creatures, clay piles, wooden boats and technological equipment.

Located in Shanghai’s equivalent of Faubourg Saint Honoré, in the former French concession in Shanghai, this store stands out in relation to the surrounding commercial area. Indeed, many very large installations are visible from the ground floor, giving the boutique the appearance of an art gallery rather than a store. To reflect the neighborhood in which the brand is located, the founder decided to set up a new project, a conversation room. Based on the French culture of the 18th century, this space aims to promote social interaction and develop networking by bringing together people from all walks of life who can meet and exchange ideas.

More than just an eyewear brand, Gentle Monster, whose name is actually an oxymoron, perfectly illustrates its angle. With its innovative but dividing brand appearance for some, Gentle Monster aims to establish itself around art but also around its corporate culture.