To remind us of the more relaxed pace of life offered by waterfront holidays, several shopping centers in China have created artificial indoor beaches such as the New Century Global resort in Chengdu.

The newest addition to the landscape is Gaga café restaurant in the King Glory Mall, a luxury shopping center located in Shenzhen. Designed as a small oasis recreating the atmosphere of a sandy coastline, the restaurant plays with the curves and colors of the marine world.

The laminated ceiling in glossy white aluminum reminds us of undulating waves, the palette of colors used includes those found on the waterfront: night blue, aquamarine, and shades of green. The floor alternates light parquet and terrazzo to visually approach a sand-water surface.

Like a seaside club, the tables extend 400 m into the shopping center, blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. There is a raised lounge area in the center with low tables. Other areas offer high tables, stools and comfortable benches.

The atmosphere is definitely friendly, with LED lights creating different atmospheres, the lights themselves hidden in the ceiling.

Coordination Asia is the creator of this project. Perfect for relaxing, sipping a cocktail or eating a meal, you can almost hear the lapping of the waves.