In the vast paved courtyard of Martell Foundation, specialized in cognac: there is a Selgascano designed wavy pavilion. It is the first project on the French territory of architects José Selgas and Lucia Cano. Devoted to their party of transparency, angular shapes and curves, these two architects built this structure symbolizing the opening to the outside world. The use of a translucent material makes it possible to create a natural interaction with the light of day.

The foundation of Martell company having come into existence in October 2016 offers a program of rich and varied events that promote local, national and international collaborations. Set in a contemporary building which is a landmark in the city of cognac, the Martell Selgascano Pavilion is the second project to be developed within the Foundation.

The Onduline French brand was in charge for developing these wavy, waterproof panels, and connected to each other. The multifaceted reflections are highlighted by the organic and flexible form designed to be in harmony with the natural environment.

Visitors can settle within this structure, benefit from the inflatable seats to take a break or lie down for a nap. Presentations, workshops and even concerts are scheduled to energize the traffic in the courtyard.

Most of the events are planned during summer time, however this pavilion will be dismantled at the beginning of 2018 to be rebuilt elsewhere.

“We were given a huge blank canvas and we wanted to set the tone by occupying the entire site with our Pavilion, hoping to inspire future artists, architects and designers. The second important decision for us was to work with only one material… airiness was a constant and integral aspect of our work, and we saw this project as a unique opportunity to experiment and explore this concept again. ‘ – Selgascano