In the heart of the bustling city of Da Nang, in the urban area of ​​Hoa Xuang in Vietnam, is a peaceful family home, high up, mixing contemporary and traditional architectural elements. This is Coi House, a house located on Mac Dang Dung Street, designed by the Coi Design agency. The architects built this simple and authentic house in a natural spirit, considering the proximity of the river. Integrating glass doors and skylights, the house is constantly bathed in natural light and a pleasant cool breeze rushes in.

From the entrance, you are immersed in the natural and plant-like aspect of Coi House with its bamboo wall on one side and its numerous plantations contrasting with the red brick walls. Each room is designed with raw materials, giving Coi House this rustic spirit. The different floors are interconnected via brick or wooden arches, bringing a soft feeling of comfort and warmth.

The rather spacious living room has a wall made entirely of natural wood, harmonizing perfectly with the green plants in the room, cultivated by each member of the family. This living space is a real cozy nest, ideal for good times and memorable memories.

The kitchen is modern and functional. The dining table overlooks a small garden, where family meals can only be enjoyable, with the feeling of being really close to nature. The wooden kitchen furniture, with meticulous details, reinforces this feeling of warmth and serenity. 

At dusk, the house is the center of all attentions, with its lights harmonizing perfectly with the volumes and highlighting the vegetation of the entrance courtyard. The brick arch contrasts with the rectangular moucharabieh facade filtering the light in. More than a house, Coi House is a true ode to nature.

Photo credits : Quang Dam