Do Ho Suh is a  fifty years old Korean artist having graduated in Seoul but now residing in the United States, in New York.

After his military service, the young student of Fine Arts in Oriental painting moved to the USA in order to continue his education at the Rhode Island School of Design, and also at the prestigious Yale University.

The Korean artist is known for his intricate sculptures that defy conventional notions of scale and space. Accustomed to put into perspective the feelings or the dramatic notions, what we are interested in today is his latest project, his “ghost houses”

This project is surely one of the longest and tedious he carried out. It extends over a period of 25 years. Indeed, during all these years, the artist has worked on complete dwellings using a material – polyester fabrics – as well as a technique – transparency.

Playing with overlays of fabrics, colors and transparency, the artist succeeded in achieving a certain level of precision and detail with a material that is not best suited for construction.

Largely inspired by the different buildings in which he resided, Do Ho Suh has sought to express the long journey representing his life. Indeed, there are represented the apartments and houses he came across when he was still living in Seoul, but also in London and New York.

This gigantic work is not completely fixed on the ground, everything is suspended, from where this very real notion of “ghost” comes.

These houses are located in major museums throughout the world, including MoMA, Tate Modern, as well as the Venice Biennial of Architecture.