This American artist who studied art at Alfred University learned sculpture from two mentors: Glenn Zweygardt and William Parry. After his studies he worked at the Hudson Studio where he earned his stripes . A few years later, he became creative director in an advertising agency. But today, after 20 years of working in this industry, he has returned to his former love, sculpture, but not in any way.

His concept: to design grandiose, gigantic, colorful and abstract sculptures. However, all this in a new form because Ken Kelleher realizes his sculptures from a digital design process.

His advertising background and network allowed Ken Kelleher to practice his art in unusual places. Galleries, museums, public spaces, private or professional, Ken Kelleher takes pleasure in designing for all types of places, as long as the sculptural experience is on large scale.

And it is with a wide variety of colors, shapes, materials that the artist designs these gigantic pieces using steel, aluminum, bronze, concrete, inflatable structures … His digital works are part of real landscapes, streets, galleries, small spaces, museums and the result is bluffing as the rendering is realistic.


According to Ken Kelleher, sculpture is, above all, a dialogue between materials, shapes, colors, light, the notion of space, time, content … Through his creations, he questions visitors about the meaning of what they are watching. The sculpture is a curiosity made visible in three dimensions but with additional dimensions, one of imagination and one of time.

“Whether it’s a personal, corporate, collective, institutional place, I see art as a way to spark reflection, dialogue, introspection and conversation. It’s part of the fabric of our life. ”

The sculpture is for Ken Kelleher a questioning on the mysterious and profound nature of things. When the functionality and the first use of an object is removed, what remains?