In the heart of the city centre of Warnemünde in Germany, a hostel that also serves as a hotel offers the luxury of unconventional design. Enter in the irresistibly avant-garde universe of this establishment unlike any other.

Designed from vacant overseas containers, the original structure of the “Dock Inn” offers an industrial style ideally suited to its geographical location close to the harbour.

This hostel is unlike any other, as it displays a strong architectural identity with its 12m x 2.5m boxes positioned in staggered rows and attached to one another by metal structures.

If the exterior fails to attract attention, then the interior decorations transport us to a contemporary universe, based on bright colours and large volumes for a resolute design style.

The Dock Inn has 64 bedrooms and 188 beds divided into four types of accommodations to adapt to the different needs of the clientele:

–High Cube sea containers of 30m2 are transformed into double rooms or four-bed rooms.

–The containers that are welded two by two create large spaces, acting as dormitories or suites.

We discover a decoration that shines radiant colours like red that we can find from the walls to the ceiling and contrasting with the black floor. It is a particularly brilliant red with a glossy finish that reflects the outside light.

The rooms rely on a deliberately colourful style where tones such as blue have their own place. This is shown by this room which boasts a completely blue look with two bunkbeds and a wooden dresser in the center of the room.

The common spaces have a revamped industrial style that are not lacking charm and above all play on conviviality.

The reception area has wooden counters, as does the bar, to warm up the concrete and the neutral colours found in the shared spaces. Palettes are arranged almost at random and are use as meeting points that come to structuralize the open space of the restaurant called “The Raft.”

A coworking space with computers is available to the public to work in peace amid this extraordinary universe. A laboratory kitchen offers the residents the possibility of creating their own recipes. The end of the day can end with relaxation at the rooftop spa, complete with breathtaking views of the harbour.

The Dock Inn is a surprise filled establishment that doesn’t lack character with its very own industrial design style. The hostel and hotel association welcomes a variety of clientele looking for an original place to stay.