Street Art, or Art Urbain in French, has a special status. It is a contemporary, artistic movement bringing together all forms of art created in public spaces (street, fronts of buildings). Artists, and also institutions, are increasingly feeling the need to transform urban space in a different way. And questions are being raised regarding the place of these works of art and their integration into the urban landscape.

Initiatives are becoming more prevalent

Several discussions have already begun on this subject. For example, in Brussels, an exhibition, Being Urban, which ran from April to July 2015, aimed to provide a collaborative space (for artists and the public, amongst others) where you can reflect on the place of art in urban narratives. The stories, suggestions and experiences gained are set to be published by the end of the year to show the outcome of these discussions.

Street Art in approved spaces

Cities are also starting to take an interest in this new art form.

Indeed, Brussels, for example, decided to transform the normal lighting on part of Avenue Franklin Roosevelt into a purplish red light, an installation set up by French artist San Damon. The project was supported by the Minister of Mobility.



And in Montreal, the Mural festival is held every year. This is “the North-American destination for all things street art”. Over ten days or so, it offers urban artists the opportunity to express themselves by creating murals (graffiti on walls), but also to enjoy concerts and various installations.

Street art.jpg


street art 2


Another example, French this time, is the artist JR. He exhibits huge portraits of local residents on the walls of the favelas in Rio or shanty towns in Kenya, as well as on the walls of the Panthéon in Paris.

JR Kenya

JR Panthéon


Urban landscapes and nature

In addition to making a contemporary art form more accessible, Street Art interacts with its environment and especially with… nature. Some works are fully integrated into the landscape and could not exist otherwise.
street art et nature 1
street art et nature 2



We love the idea of Street Art being integrated into urban planning. What do you think?