The cherry blossom season in Japan is a very important event. It has also become the emblematic symbol of Japanese culture. It is this phenomenon that inspired Sun Tianwen, the famous architect of the Shanghai Hip-Pop firm, to design the Omakase restaurant.

Located in Shanghai’s Xuhui district, this restaurant pays tribute to Japanese culture with its exceptional setting. Its concept is inspired by the “Sakura flowers covered with dew”, these famous cherry trees. The glass panels and partitions, incorporating petals and dewdrops, have been designed to optimise transparency and reflection. The whole design, clear as crystal, allows to obtain a virtual effect close to reality. The floor itself is composed of backlit glass panels, immersing visitors in a fantastical floral universe.

The ground floor of Omakase has an open plan layout. A linear sushi bar borders one side of the restaurant. There is also the Tatami room, an ideal private space for couples wishing a little more privacy in this establishment which is an ode to love.

The almost exclusive use of a pink colour combined with a golden hue, poetically represents the sunlight shining on the cherry blossoms, captured by the walls of the private dining room and sushi bar. A staircase leads to the second floor where guests can sit in private rooms, all separated by similar glass panels, infused with cherry blossoms.

Omakase is an exclusive gourmet restaurant serving Japanese dishes prepared by specially trained Japanese and Chinese chefs. The culinary perfection of Kaiseki cuisine is reflected not only in meticulously prepared dishes, but also in the fact that most of their ingredients are imported daily from the land of the rising sun. The entire space is like a freehand brush painting, in which each dinner becomes part of the decor.