Located in Victoria, Australia, this circular beach house offers comfort and noble materials to its owners. Located near a national park, directly on the sand dunes, this round two-story house offers a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. Isolated from the rest of the world and respectful of the environment, the house blends perfectly into the wild shrubs, dunes and brush.

At the heart of the house is a spiral staircase, which is the central nucleus around which the segments that divide the space have been designed. On the ground floor is the kitchen area, dining room, living room as well as a bathroom and laundry room. Upstairs is a second bathroom as well as a bedroom and two bunk beds, ideal for a family. A small peculiarity, the house has no corridors because, according to Austin Maynard Architects, traffic spaces represent lost spaces.

A holiday home is supposed to be a place where relaxation prevails, where you can free yourself from the constraints of everyday life. And that’s exactly what St. Andrews Beach House offers because it requires very little maintenance, and its layout is basic yet comfortable.

Thanks to its bay windows, the house enjoys beautiful natural light and efficient ventilation. A beautiful holiday “cottage”!