Imagine a concrete structure more than 100 meters long emerging from the Norwegian Sea, like a whale coming to the surface for a breath. Well, this imposing concrete structure is the latest concept restaurant by Snøhetta.

Through a time-lapse video, you can discover the design of this culinary establishment. It is the very first underwater restaurant in Europe, and it makes you want to go there for dinner.

Beyond a simple restaurant, the idea behind this project is also to be a research center where teams of specialists will study and collect data to safeguard the sea’s wildlife outside the restaurant’s opening hours.

The Norwegian Sea is considered capricious, and concrete walls nearly half a meter thick provide perfect waterproofing. In order for the building to fully integrate into the marine environment, the concrete hull is rough.  Over time, it will become an artificial reef allowing kelp and gastropods to cling to it and grow.

The restaurant is built to withstand the pressure and shocks of harsh sea conditions. Despite the generally rough weather in this region, it is the calm that prevails when you enter the restaurant. A true haven of peace and tranquility, the interior design is thought out in such a way as to make us experience a unique union of land and sea.

To enter, guests first pass through a cloakroom covered with oak, then are taken to the champagne bar, marking the transition between the coast and the ocean. This land-sea passage is highlighted by a narrow acrylic window running along the different floors of the restaurant. Then, the guests enter an intimate dining room for 40. A blue light, through an 11 x 4 meter acrylic panoramic window, offers a view of the sea floor and changes with the seasons. The textile panels of the ceiling are like the colors of a sunset falling across the ocean.

Named Under, this restaurant aims to offer a refined gastronomic experience, offering gourmet and local products from sustainable fishing, naturally. It brings together a team of 16 international chefs from the finest restaurants. What is certain is that it is a particularly exhilarating experience to dine here.