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Archibat HR Asia is looking for a Senior Architect for an International Architecture Design company focussing on hospitality, residential, commercial and mixed use projects, to be based in their Dubai Office.

Descriptif du poste

The Senior Architect will be a highly experienced and skilled professional responsible for designing and overseeing the construction or renovation of buildings and structures. They play a crucial role in the architectural and construction process, providing expertise and leadership to ensure projects are completed successfully. 


  • Design and Planning: Develop architectural plans, blueprints, and design concepts for various projects, ensuring compliance with building codes, regulations, and industry standards. 
  • Project Management: Oversee the entire architectural project lifecycle, from initial concept and design through construction and completion. This includes creating project schedules, budgets, and managing resources effectively. 
  • Client Interaction: Collaborate with clients to understand their needs, preferences, and objectives. Present design proposals, address client feedback, and make necessary adjustments to the plans. 
  • Team Leadership: Lead and mentor a team of architects, designers, and drafters, providing guidance and support throughout the project. Ensure that team members are working cohesively to achieve project goals. 
  • Technical Expertise: Stay up-to-date with the latest architectural trends, technologies, and materials. Apply technical knowledge to solve complex design and construction challenges. 
  • Quality Control: Maintain high-quality standards throughout the design and construction process. Conduct site visits and inspections to ensure that work is progressing according to plans and specifications. 
  • Budget Management: Monitor project budgets and expenditures, making cost-effective decisions to keep projects on track financially. 
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure that all architectural designs and construction activities comply with local, state, and federal building codes, zoning regulations, and safety standards. 
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with various stakeholders, including engineers, contractors, interior designers, and other professionals involved in the project, to ensure a cohesive and successful outcome. 
  • Problem-Solving: Identify and address design and construction challenges as they arise during the project. Find innovative solutions to overcome obstacles and ensure project success. 

Profil recherché

Qualifications and Requirements: 
– Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Architecture. 
– State-issued architect’s license (mandatory in most jurisdictions). 
– Several years of experience in architectural design and project management, with a proven track record of successful projects. 
– Proficiency in architectural software and design tools (e.g., AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp). 
– Strong communication and presentation skills for interacting with clients, team members, and stakeholders. 
– Leadership and team management abilities. 
– In-depth knowledge of building codes, regulations, and construction methods. 
– Creativity and a strong design sensibility. 
– Attention to detail and problem-solving skills. 
– Project management skills, including budgeting and scheduling. 
Position to be based in Dubai.