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Independent of any group, ArchiBat HR is the only recruitment company to be specialised in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Retail Design and Real Estate since 1985, in France and Mainland China. Managed by its founder, Dominique Noël, and her associate Marie-Pierre Blanc, who are both registered architects, ArchiBat HR provides companies and candidates with a unique and recognized expertise.

Whether you are an architecture or engineering firm, a public or private contracting authority, an industrialist, an asset manager, a retail firm or a real estate group... ArchiBat HR offers you agile and innovative HR solutions to recruit the best professionals in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Creating career paths, talent sourcing

As architects, interior designers and engineers, we combine human resources knowhow with experience in your field of activity. We have a passion for uncovering the talents of today and tomorrow: experienced candidates, young promising graduates, international profiles…and for establishing long-term links with them.

The world of work is uncertain, interconnected and fluid, so we practice and develop a flexible and digital recruitment. The expectations of generation Y (more than 60% of the candidates recruited in companies) and, tomorrow, the expectations of generation Z, are not the same as the previous generation's. Because these new generations aspire to cross-cutting careers, to a true quality of life, because the human being is their priority, because the company has become an open ecosystem, ArchiBat HR helps you to overcome the challenges of a new organization.

As a super-specialised, networker, recruiter 2.0, ArchiBat HR has implemented – more than just a one-off device – a monitoring process that is present in the long term for effective recruitment, whatever the context.

Our only geographical limits... are those we build ourselves.

Set up in Paris in 1985, ArchiBat HR opened subsidiaries in Shanghai and Hong Kong in 2007. In Shanghai, we set up a multicultural team of 16 consultants who were trained in Europe and Asia and who speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English and French. As the first recruitment company specialised in Architecture and Engineering in China, ArchiBat Asia quickly became the top representative for companies based in Asia or those wishing to set up business there.

ArchiBat HR supports companies throughout the set-up of their new branches and their export projects. As experts in recruiting multilingual candidates, we are able to form multicultural teams for numerous large projects. Because the world is constantly evolving and because companies change, we permanently reinvent our job so as to meet your needs in the best and quickest way possible.

Anticipating, sourcing, giving meaning, finding the unobtainable: whether it's in France of overseas, ArchiBat HR brings you profiles that match the DNA of your company and will prove to be talents in the long term.

Dominique Dominique


Founding Architecte
Communication & BD Director

Marie-Pierre Marie-Pierre


Associate Director, Architect
Architecture & International

Laurent Laurent


Engineering & Construction Manager
BIM Referent Architect

Sandrine Sandrine


Interior design manager

Marion A. Marion A.

Marion A.

Support Functions Manager

Marianna Marianna


HR Consultant

Caroline Caroline


HR consultant

Marion M. Marion M.

Marion M.

HR Consultant
Interior Designer

Cyrielle Cyrielle


HR Consultant

Pauline Pauline


HR consultant

Philippe Philippe


HR Assistant

Sylvie Sylvie


Administrative manager

Antoine Antoine


Asia managing director

Alvin Alvin


Senior recruitment consultant

Oliver Oliver


Senior recruitment consultant

Jennifer Jennifer


HR consultant

Anna Anna


HR consultant

Zhongni Zhongni


Senior Researcher

Claudia Claudia


Sourcing Coordinator

Apple Apple


Marketing & BD manager

Ophelia Ophelia


BD Manager

Lei Lei


Office manager