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Architect-Engineer & Engineer-Architect Association

Architect-Engineer & Engineer-Architect Association

The AAIIA association (Architect-Engineer & Engineer-Architect Association) has been a partner of ArchiBat HR since 2019.

AAIIA is an association of holders of an engineering degree and an architect’s degree, or students in these both fields. AAIIA’s ambition is to promote the profiles with these dual skills, to encourage the sharing and the exchanges and take part in the reflections on this double cursus.

ArchiBat HR is involved and supports the AAIIA association to offer services related to the organisation of various events (Bialog#4 and Bialog#5, speed networking, professional videos, etc.) and communication actions.

ArchiBat HR is available for the association’s members when they wish to pause and reflect on their career path and to better know the perspectives offered to them with the specificities of their transversal competences.


Culture and Diversity Foundation

Culture and Diversity Foundation

The Culture and Diversity Foundation signed a partnership with ArchiBat HR in 2018.

The Foundation, created by Fimalac in 2006, has set up 12 programmes to give equal opportunities regarding access to the best Culture Schools for young people from modest backgrounds.

Thanks to this partnership, architecture students, who are accompanied by the Foundation, are sponsored by ArchiBat HR professionals.
They, therefore, benefit from support during their studies, through regular interviews and coaching sessions, in order to facilitate their professional integration.

Every year, ArchiBat HR offers the Foundation invitations to the BIM WORLD exhibition and copies of its publications “Architectural Career Paths” to inform students about the diversity of professional careers.


Emergency Architects Foundation

Emergency Architects Foundation

Dominique Noel, founding architect of ArchiBat HR, has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Emergency Architects Foundation since 2009.

Since 2001, through its action programmes across the world, the Emergency Architects Foundation has demonstrated that helping people in distress is not just about providing food and care: rebuilding broken lives is also about enabling the most disadvantaged to regain decent living conditions as soon as possible.

Architects, engineers and urban planners ensure the safety of the people at risk and help them rebuild their homes, health centers and schools after a natural, technological or human disaster. The Foundation always intervenes in a logic of sustainable development and risk mitigation.




ArchiBat HR concluded a partnership with Campus-Channel in 2019.

Campus-Channel is a 100% video-based website designed to help students and employees choose their future training. Among the 150 establishments with which Campus Channel works, several programmes concern architecture and construction techniques.

The usual roles are reversed. In this case, the program directors are the ones being grilled. The academic institutions and universities are represented by two speakers who “take an oral exam” in front of an exam board made up of future candidates. The show is streamed live and is available to rewatch on the site for a year.

ArchiBat HR and Campus-Channel work together to increase their presence via social networks, newsletters and blogs in order to reach as many people as possible.




A partnership was signed with Jooble in 2018 so that ArchiBat HR’s ads could be referenced and relayed using the platform.

Jooble is a search engine that makes it easy to find a job. Jooble makes hundreds of thousands of free job offers from thousands of job sites, recruiters and companies available to job seekers. Jooble removes identical offers and those that are no longer available.

A true aggregator of job vacancies, the Jooble service operates in 71 countries around the world; 70 million candidates visit the site each month and 50 million email alerts are sent out each month. In France, Jooble is the largest source of job vacancies which uses a special algorithm to find the most relevant offers published on the Internet.


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