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Have you ever wondered what makes a recruitment successful? Hiring an experienced and skilled professional? Who knows perfectly your field? Who masters the right tools? Who can quickly become part of your company? Good recruitment involves a little bit of all of the above, but also much more! Actually, recruiting a new person for your team will completely change the balance within your company: choosing the candidate that is most compatible with your company's DNA means choosing to add a valuable asset to your organisation rather than running the risk of making it worse. Obviously, if you are already browsing the website of a specialised recruitment company like ours, you already know that. And now you are wondering how to make this recruitment process a success... with ArchiBat HR, you are in good hands.


Why choose ArchiBat HR?

Why choose us? Successful businesses need reliable staff, thus a staffing solution built around them. Choosing ArchiBat HR, a recruitment company specialised in architecture, retail design, engineering and real estate since 1985, means choosing a team of curious and inventive consultants with tried and tested expertise. It also means choosing the externalisation of your hiring process to save time and increase efficiency.

Choose connected, interactive and like-minded recruitment

Recruitment in today’s world is personal and pro-active, making it all the more time-consuming when it is not an integral part of your job. That is why we go and look for quality candidates wherever they are and via many evolving channels. Our added value lies in establishing and maintaining, upstream of needs, a dialogue with potential candidates as well as with "non-candidates" who might be already in job position but open to new opportunities. Turning these "non-candidates" into candidates is at the heart of our job. Since the CV/job offer imbalance is close to 55%, we prospect these "non-candidates" in order to understand what could persuade them to engage with new challenges. If yesterday recruiting was the company's role, today candidates and companies recruit each other.

Turn to a robust, alert and reactive partner

30 years of experience... yes, you read that correctly: today, our company has 30 years of experience in specialised human resources. Our organisation's independence enables a greater flexibility in our relationship with both clients and candidates. ArchiBat HR has been tailored and developed specifically for the ever evolving needs of architecture-linked companies and is a sector-leading solution to their HR challenges. We do work as a team, but each consultant is focusing in a field, selecting and optimising his/her contacts and managing a network of several thousands of people, thus creating a useful snowball effect.

Who can better understand the needs of a professional than a fellow professional?

Our consultants have the same background as you: architects, engineers, interior designers... Thus, we really understand your expectations, constraints and requirements within your activity's framework. Our very targeted positioning means we can considerably reduce the delay for your recruitment and select profiles that are the best adapted to your expectations, in the smallest time frame. Would you like to find out more about us?

How does recruitment at ArchiBat HR work?

Our added value lies not only in finding information, but also in making sense of it, because access to a multitude of candidates alone does not guarantee suitable recruitment. Therefore, driven by helping candidates find work and helping employers find talented candidates, ArchiBat HR is present at every stage of your search. We organise your recruitment in close collaboration with you:

  1. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field, we can advise you on the job description based on your expectations, the skills required, the targeted candidates' availabilities, the pay grades, and we base our research on the values of and challenges faced by your company.
  2. We then search for profiles that match your criteria: in our database which consists of more than 40,000 high-calibre candidates, on social networks where more than 25,000 professionals follow ArchiBat HR, in our professional network, by advertising job offers on specialised sites and and by directly contacting candidates in employment but who wish to evolve, as well as "non-candidates".
  3. Finally, we assess the skills, motivation and aspirations of selected profiles: we check their experience, references and career trajectory and we find out more about their personalities and values... in short, check to ensure we find the right candidate to fit within your company environment. To introduce you those who can become long-term assets for your organisation, we build a long-standing working relationship.

Whatever your search, we have the right profile for you!

At ArchiBat HR, we adapt to your needs: are you looking for a project manager? A project director? A visual merchandiser? Several temporary revit design engineers? A BIM expert? A freelance designer? An intern? Whatever your request, we are there for you:

  • Are you looking to take on a new employee, to recruit someone with a rare or unusual profile? Take a look at our Recruitment & Talent Sourcing solution
  • Are you experiencing a burst in activity, are you looking for specific skill or expanding your team? Visit our Temporary Work & Outsourcing page
  • Are you building an in-house team and are looking for a specialised service provider? We offer On-site assignment & Freelance services
  • Are you looking for an exceptional BIM profile? Would you like to set up an active watch on shortage profiles? It's here with BIM HR
  • Would you like to hire an intern or junior profile? Visit ArchiBat Prem's
  • Would you like to post a job offer on our website? Or use our social media to expand your HR strategic communication? Try ArchiBat Connect: send us your job offer at

... And if you don't find what you're looking for in our various services, contact us directly, and our consultants will find the solution to all of your human resources requests.

Our expertise


Programming, Feasability studies, Competitions, Concept and design studies, CAD, 3D Modeling, Project Management, Detailed Design, Construction drawing Analysis, Technical Specifications, Quantity surveying, Site Supervision, Sustainable Architecture, Urban Planning & Design, Landscape...


HR consulting, Active standby for rare and shortage profiles, Search and Recruitment of BIM Managers, Coordinating Referents, BIM Managers, BIM Integrators, BIM Designers, BIM Model Managers, Quality Checkers model...

Civil engineering & Construction

Technical Studies, Engineering Studies Management, Framework and Façade, HVAC, MEP, Fire Safety, Roads & Utilities, Project Management, Certification, Construction Drawings Analysis, Quantity Surveying, Site Supervision, Work Coordination, Business Unit Management...

Interior design & Retail Design

Concept and Design, Art Direction, Project Studies, 2D/3D Visualization, Graphic & Web Design, Detailed Design, Visual Identity, Visual Merchandising, Store Design, Store Planning, Furniture Design, FF&E, Work Space Design, Interior Fitting, Short-Lived Architecture, Works Coordination...

Real estate & Property management

Land Prospecting & Project Feasibility, Building Owner Advising, Building program Management, Property Development, Technical Management, Property Management, Landlord & Tenant, Facilities Management, Operation & Maintenance...

Admin & Business development

Office Management, Business Development, Digital & Web Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, Marketing & Sales, Media & Communication, HR Management, Accountancy & Payroll, Legal & Finance, Secretarial Work, Technical Secretariat...