Job description

Archibat HR Asia is looking for a BD Manager for a Shanghai based design studio.


Required profile

  • Devise business development strategy in accordance to sales and marketing objectives set each year. 
  • Assist General Manager in preparation of year end budget by forecasting potential sales and receivables.
  • Represent the company to engage in industry networking thereby enhancing the company’s visibility in the industry
  • Work with General Manager and Business Owners to finalize contract terms and prepare contracts that contain all rounded conditions, clearly defined program and deliverables.
  • Work with General Manager and Business Owners to ensure standard business documents especially contracts are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.
  • Prepare and manage business development materials which include but not limit to business development database, marketing materials and revise BD guidelines when necessary
  • Follow up with BD enquiries, attend initial new client presentations and provide initial assessment of BD opportunities
  • Manage and guide business managers on daily operations of projects which include but not limit to project contractual matters, negotiations and communications with clients and client follow ups after meetings
  • Support General Manager in calculating per-project HR costs, opportunity costs and third party costs and making sure that such costs are well defined in the contracts
  • Act as mediator, together with project manager (and sometimes Project Architects) to manage clients’ expectations, push design decisions, collect receivables, protect the company’s financial interests, safeguard company’s contractual rights and ensure clear understanding between clients/designers through accurate/informative translations
  • Attend client meetings as frequently as schedule allows to better understand clients’ needs and on going dynamics
  • Proactively reach out to clients to seek feedback and on a regular basis propose and organize lunches or gatherings with clients to ensure relationship and good will.
  • Cultivate and groom team members on client servicing skills
  • Help DPs cultivate client servicing culture within the company
  • Support General Manager in forecasting and ensuring timely receivables so that the cash flow of the Company is safeguarded
  • Work closely with Business Owners and Marketing Manager in marketing related issues such as, if appropriate, organizing PR campaign, coordinating photo shooting and online exposure for completed projects

Please send cv to Oliver