Job description

Archibat HR Asia is looking for a Marketing communication Manager ( Digital / Social media/E-PR ) for a large US manufacturing company
Location: Shanghai




Ø  Align with annual branding and communication objectives of China and develop digital/PR strategy to support the brand building and business growth
Ø  Collaborate with CXM project team, creative/content team and TM/EC team to identify, develop and implement the tactics of owned media, paid media and earned media to achieve the target set for brand building, business growth and user experience
Ø  Propose and develop annual digital budget based on aligned digital strategy, tactics and KPIs.
Ø  Develop, update and report digital scorecard on a monthly basis or in real time (which is subject to project requirement); include but not limited to official website, official wechat, official weibo, app. and SEO/SEM performance etc.
Ø  Provide insight and action plan based on the analysis and observation from performance scorecard (routine Monthly tracking/real time campaign based tracking)
Ø  Collaborate with creative/content team to develop and produce digital assets.
Ø  Collaborate with DAM manager for digital assets management.
Ø  Be in charge of the compliance of all digital assets and its usage. To be sure all digital assets and the publication (both on official account and staff personal account) are aligned with brand guideline, complied to China advertising law and PR/social policy.
Ø  Initial and propose the necessary actions of brand protection. Collaborate with Legal team for any action/release which infringe brand image and property.
Ø  Establish and maintain an effective vendor pool/digital/PR resources to meet the needs of marketing team.
Ø  Propose, craft and implement annual PR topics/angle, PR/EPR calendar and tactics.
Ø  Provide PR consulting and support to designer and developer seminars and events/signature showroom opening and regional big thematic events/new product launch and product thematic campaign PR events etc.
Ø  Crisis management.
Ø  Keep close and good relationship with media nationwide and provide analysis regarding each media on a timely basis
Ø  Liaise with guild, Quality Control Bureau, Ministry of Construction and other related government department to build the necessary relation so as to protect and promote the image of enterprise

Required profile



Ø  With a minimum of 10 years solid working experience in digital marketing and PR experience.
Ø  University degree in Information Technology, PR or Marketing.
Ø  Strong writing and verbal skills in both Chinese and English skills are a must
Ø  Knowledgeable on digital, understands marketing communications and is business acumen
Ø  Self-motivated, high level of energy, strong sense of ownership.
Ø  Ability to effectively work under tight deadlines and manage projects independently
Ø  Ability to work as both project owner and a team member; strong teamwork
Ø  Innovative, creative, problem-solver, reliable and honest.



If you are interested, please send your cv to